About Me

Vivien, Brandon & Chloe

Vivien, Brandon & Chloe

Bonjour tout le monde! Je m’appelle Vivien. Je viens d’Australie, mais je suis née en Malaisie. J’ai trentième ans et je suis une pharmacienne qui aime voyager en France. J’aime toutes les choses françaises. Heureusement, mon mari, il aime voyager aussi. Nous avons une petite chienne. Elle s’appelle Chloe. Elle est notre princesse!!! Alors, suivez-moi!

G’day! My name is Vivien. I live in Australia, but was born in Malaysia. I’m a pharmacist, in my mid thirties, with a passion for travelling to France. What can I say, I love everything French. Luckily for me, my husband feels the same. We have a beautiful West Highland Terrier. Our little girl’s name is Chloe. She is our princess!!! Come follow my blog!


12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Nice blog, Vivien! I love everything French too. 😉

  2. The sensibility that is French. The style that is Paris. I’m also so happy to hear from others who understand all this is French. Virginia.

  3. I’m very happy to stumble on to other blogs that showcase their love for all things French too.

  4. Such a cool blog!

  5. Helpful information. We are planning to tour france next year

    • Glad it’s useful. I hope you will enjoy France as much as we have. Where are you planning to visit?

      • We plan to visit aix en provence, marseille, bordeaux, rennes and lyon. Or maybe you have any other place that worth to visit. This time we are going to explore rural france. We have visited paris but only for 2 days

      • We’re heading down south this year, starting with Côte d’Azur. Will be visiting Aix-en-Provence but skipping Marseilles and heading up to St.Remy-de-Provence area. Have not been to Bordeaux, Rennes or Lyon but we really enjoyed the Loire Valley and Burgundy when we went last year. And Paris… We spent 5 days there last year but it wasn’t enough. That’s why we’re heading back there for a week this year.

      • Cool. Happy tour and hope to hear more info from you guys. Will take your experience as our reference before we go next year. Safe Journey.

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