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It’s closing night at the Alliance Française French Film Festival here in Adelaide. The movie for tonight is Paris Je t’aime. A very cliché movie for sure, but it has lots of wonderful moments, showcasing my favourite city and all its arrondissements.

It is a gloomy, rainy and cold day today here in Adelaide but maybe I’ll be able to persuade hubby to head out to the cinema with me. The Alliance Française French Film Festival runs for approximately 2 weeks each year. It is a wonderful way to bring French movies to the general public. I usually try my best to make the most of it as French films are not so easy to come by. This year however, I have only managed to catch one movie. The ongoing renovations at our house has practically assassinated my personal life. It is quite depressing actually, as all plans for travel to France have also been put on hold.

So on this cold autumn day, I have finally gotten around to completing our last trip report (two years overdue). I did that partly to reminisce, and partly to give myself a chance to enjoy our photos, taken on that last trip, oh so long ago. Hubby must have sensed my restlessness because he cooked me a big pot of hearty bœuf bourgignon which we will have for our dinner tonight. I guess this means I’ll have to head into the city to get us some crunchy baguettes.

Work on our renovation is moving at snail’s pace. It has been rather disheartening. The only thing that keeps us going is the vision of having a wonderful ‘éspace française’ that we can call our own.