Yes, it’s been a long long while since I last posted. Hubby and I are right smack-bang in the middle of major renovations to our home. We embarked on this crazy adventure sometime last year and now, we are probably about 2 to 3 months away from the finish line. Yes, there will probably be walls to paint and curtains to hang still, but at least the main bulk of the work will be finished. It has been a long, ridiculously difficult and at times painful journey. In fact, it still is.

We have decided to renovate our home in the French style – something only a crazy person would want to do on a limited budget, especially here in Australia. But we decided to surround ourselves with things we love and what we love is all things French. So I decided to create a separate blog on the renovation for other people out there, especially in Australia, who want to decorate in the French style but don’t know where to source their items from. I purchased many things for our home from France. And yes that involved lengthy emails (it has improved my French tremendously) and lots and lots of research.

Here’s a link to the blog if you want to have a quick peek.

Yes, I will eventually get round to finishing the final post on our last trip report. Unfortunately we have not been able to travel to France for the last 2 years because of this huge renovation. But we do plan on going next year – originally in Jan/Feb for the snow, but it’s looking more like July or September at the moment with our schedules.

À bientôt.