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I am eagerly awaiting the release of Les Misérables on Boxing Day. It is my favourite musical of all time. I think Victor Hugo captured the struggle of the human soul and spirit so well in his story of Jean Valjean’s life. I love all the characters in the story and I love, love, love all the songs in the musical. My favourite singers are Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean, Philip Quast as Javert, Lea Salonga as Éponine and Michael Ball as Marius. I think Colm Wilkinson who played the original lead character embodies Jean Valjean and our very own Australian Philip Quast breathes and lives Javert. Colm’s rendition of Bring Him Home never fails to move me and bring me to tears with its raw honesty. And I am so glad his legacy as the original Jean Valjean is honoured in the movie with him playing the role of the bishop.

I highly recommend the 10th Year Anniversary Edition of Les Misérables on DVD. It is the most amazing performance at the Royal Albert Hall. I also own the 25th Year Anniversary version but I think it lacks the heart and soul of Les Mis, which the 10th Year Anniversary version does so well. Here are some of my favourites. IMO, these versions are perfection.

I have high hopes for Hugh Jackman and his crew. I really hope the movie will not turn out to be like the disappointing disaster that was the Phantom of the Opera.