Well I’m finally back posting on my blog. It’s been awhile… Not to go into the boring details but life got rather hectic a couple of months before I left for our trip to France. I had taken time out from work to study for my HMR accreditation. I thought I had had enough of pharmacy management and was looking to do something different with my career. But then a job that sounded too good to pass up came along less than 1 month before our trip. Something in me decided to give pharmacy management one last shot. I had always enjoyed it until recently. Anyway, long story short – I got the job, started right away, had so much to do workwise before we went on our trip. Adding to this, I had my last case study for my HMR accreditation to complete as well.

Our trip to France this year was amazing. I think my parents enjoyed it as it gave them a diferent perspective. I loved it because I was so much more fluent in French compared to last year, which allowed me to have much more interaction with the locals. I have so much to share in my trip report.