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How to make the perfect French crêpe… (from French Essence)

We have house guests at the moment and this sounds like a good recipe for dessert tonight. A crêpe is a type of thin pancake which originated from Brittany. It can be served with either a sweet or savoury filling. I personally prefer the sweet filling.

I don’t think we tried enough crêpes when we were in France last year. From memory, we only had it twice. The first french crêpe we had was at a market in Tours on blvd Béranger. The name of the crêperie was Chez Jean Mi. We had a crêpe citron sucre and a crêpe nutella. The guy at the crêperie was charming and a real charaacter. He had a chef’s hat on and he was belting out French tunes as he was making the crêpes. The crêperie stand was all decked out in French flags. I loved it! I wish we had taken a photo.

The second crêpe I had was at Maison Lameloise in Bourgogne. I had their crêpe suzette for dessert. It was flambéed at our table and was rather impressive, and the caramelized Grand Marnier sauce was yummy.

This year, this is a list of crêperies I’ve come up with from my research for Paris:-

  1. Breizh Café – 109 rue Vieille du Temple
  2. Chez Alain – 39 rue de Bretagne (inside Marché des Enfants Rouges)
  3. Chez imogene – 25 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
  4. Crêperie Josselin – 67 rue du Montparnasse
  5. Oroyona – 36 rue Mouffetard

I’m sure we won’t get round to all of them. And really you could find a crêperie stand easily anywhere in Paris, but these are ones that have been recommended to me or have had good reviews. I’ll be sure to post our own reviews after we get back. I’ve started counting down the days now. Our trip is exactly 3 months and a week away and I’m starting to get excited 🙂