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Had a discussion with my tutor this week about visiting the Montmartre area. It’s something we missed last year due to our limited time and I definitely want to visit this year. Ma professeur owns a little studio in one of the streets behind the Basilique so she knows the area well. I really hate the touristy element of Paris. It’s funny when you think about it, as I am a tourist myself. But ‘faire le queue’ and ‘les mendiants’ are two aspects of Paris that I do not care much for. Anyway, turns out it should be easy with Montmartre – avoid using Anvers metro station and avoid going up through rue de Steinkerque. There are some places like Place du Tertre which will be full of tourists and I suppose you can’t avoid that. But I am looking forward to an interesting morning discovering the Montmartre area.

As we were discussing Montmartre, the subject of marché aux puces came up. I originally planned to make a trip to the flea markets of Paris. Thought it would be a great experience. Couldn’t decide between St. Ouen or Porte de Vanves so I began to do some homework. The more I read, the more intimidated I got. St. Ouen for example, has over 3000 stalls. I’m sure quality goods would be mixed in with lots of dodgy stuff. Where do you even begin? And I’m not quite sure my French is strong enough for haggling. After a quick discussion with hubby, we decided to leave that for our next trip. I thought that was that.

Well that was before the discussion I had with my tutor. It piqued my interest again. So I started trawling for sites on wordpress and found these two amazing sites, which I just had to share.

People, Places and Bling! – This cool blog is by Theodora, a freelance writer and photographer who is currently covering Paris for a travel website. Love her posts. They’re quirky and fun, with some beautiful photos.

Grace & Ivy – After reading the posts on ‘les marchés aux puces’ on this blog. I’ve been forced to rethink our plan.

I think more research is needed before I can decide… Hmm… I’m not usually this fickle. Making decisions generally comes easy for me. I don’t second-guess myself and I’m usually very clear about what I want. But au sujet des marchés aux puces, je ne peux pas décider.