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Torrens River

My favourite spot in Adelaide - Torrens River. Photography by Kevin Tang 1975-2007.

I’ll admit I’ve been rather lazy with posting this week. With our holiday drawing closer, I’ve been doing lots of research and planning for Paris. For those of you who are fans of iPad, there is a great mapping app called Road Tripper. It allows you to map your own personalized maps with different pins for sights, restaurants, shopping… you get the idea, and it has an information box for each pin so you can include information like opening hours, entry fees, etc. So far I’ve mapped 376 points based on my research, and that’s not including Versailles. That and itinerary planning has been keeping me rather busy.

Hence, I was rather surprised when I received a post from a blogger I’ve been following rather recently. She caught my interest because she writes with such raw honesty and to me, that shows great courage. Turns out my interest in her blog is mutual and she has nominated me as part of her list in The Versatile Blogger. I cannot return the favour as the process involves listing 15 other blogs and sharing 7 random facts about oneself. I can do the 7 random facts but I only know a handful of blogs. Anyway, in keeping with the spirit of the award, I’ll list 7 random facts of me and list the blogs that have captured my interest:-

  1. My parents are of Chinese ancestry but they do not speak the language. However, they decided to send me and my sister to Chinese school, where we spent 6 years learning the language of our ancestors.
  2. I detest spiders. Just the thought of them make me shudder.
  3. I love roses, but I do not like gardening in any form.
  4. I like solitude.
  5. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have an uncle who spoilt us with toys. I had a Barbie dream house and a Barbie swimming pool. I was the envy of all my friends.
  6. I am not a good photographer but I love good photography.
  7. I love good food and a good bottle of wine.