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We woke up with heavy hearts, realizing it was the last day of our Europe trip. After breakfast, we checked out of our rooms, leaving our bags with the concierge. We still had a full day ahead of us. We finally got round to visiting the inside of the Duomo. It was beautiful. Not as awe-inspiring as Basilica San Marco but it had an air of grandeur and quiet reverence. They were again very strict with the dress code. (We noticed the dress code in Italy was a lot stricter than in France. No shorts allowed, and women had to have their arms covered – no sleeveless tops. If you’re planning to visit, make sure you pay attention to your attire, as they have no problems turning people away. We saw that happen over and over again in Italy.)

We still wanted to shop a bit today but realized our luggage was at its limit so we thought we would go to the post office to enquire about sending some of our stuff back by mail. However, everything was written in Italian and there was no one there who could speak English. When we finally located some information of postage prices, we realized it was going to be a ridiculously expensive exercise. Still, we decided to spend the rest of our day checking out the shops at Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Even though we agreed not to buy anything else, we still ended up with two pairs of D&G loafers, a top and a pair of pants. If we had more room in our luggage, I’m sure we would have bought a lot more.

We stopped for a simple lunch at Luini Panzerotti at via S. Radegonda. There was a massive queue as it was lunch time. We joined the queue of locals and tourists alike. The panzerotti tastes a bit like pizza, with a choice of savoury or sweet filling. We got one of each and a bottle of carbonated drink and sat down at the curb, at the side of the street, like everyone else, to eat our lunch. It was simple but very satisfying, and reasonably priced. It was our best meal in Milan.

Around late afternoon, we decided to head back to our hotel. I was worried about missing our flight, so we asked the hotel about airport transfers. They offered to call us a cab, which was going to cost us about 80 euro. We figured it was worth the price, instead of braving the metro to get to the train station, and then taking another train to the airport. We got to the airport with lots of time to spare and were one of the first to check in. Our flight with Easyjet was quite pleasant. The only thing is they treat the one hand luggage limit very seriously, and even a handbag is considered a hand luggage. I had already read about that on the forums and so had packed accordingly, so we were fine. We saw some other passengers who were forced to repack their bags though.

By the time we landed at CDG, it was very late in the night. We took the CDG VAL to Terminal 3, and walked a short way to the Hilton. We were very pleased to have a comfortable room to rest for the night after the long day we had. By then, we were also starving and had no choice but to order room service. After a hamburger, some chips and a coke from the mini bar, we were ready for bed. As far as transit stays go, it was very comfortable and I’m glad we paid the extra instead of roughing it out at a crappier hotel.