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This is a post devoted purely to shopping so there are hardly any pictures, just details on where we spent our hard-earned cash in Milan. We were in Milan right smack in the middle of the summer sales and in comparison to Australia, the prices were awesome!

We started the day by heading out to Corso Buenos Aires, which I gathered to be a main shopping street from what I had read. We were expecting to find lots of ‘Made in Italy’ stuff but ended up quite disappointed. The stuff that were on sale were not unlike the ones we find here in Melbourne at most shopping centres. Still, I managed to find a designer outlet called Diecidecimi where we picked up a Hugo Boss polo for a good price and some designer scarves at half price. We also found a shoe place called Rufus where I picked up a pair of suede sandals for less than 30 euro and Brandon bought a pair of suede moccasins for the same price.

Heading back to our hotel to drop off our bags, we decided it was time for lunch. It had started to rain and we were starving. Not wanting to brave another restaurant, we decided to get food from Peck, which was literally two doors down from our hotel. (Peck is the Italian equivalent of Harrod’s foodhall.) Hubby decided to brave the rain to fetch us some food while I stayed back at the hotel to use the computer facilities. We had to check in for our flight to Paris and our flight back to Singapore from Paris.

Hubby came back loaded with food, with a much lighter wallet. He complained that everything was rather expensive. He got us a charcuterie selection, antipasti and some cheeses, some breads and some individual servings of little nibbles, for a grand total of about 80 euro. We decided to lighten our luggage by cracking open a bottle of Grand Cru we got from Bourgogne. By then the rain had eased off so we sat at the balcony. The wine was superb, as expected, but I was so disappointed with the food. It was so unremarkable and I found it sorely lacking in flavour. We usually do well with Italian food back home in Melbourne, but we were not having a good run food-wise in Milan. Maybe we were eating at the wrong places. But Peck came highly recommended in the guidebook and by friends who had visited Milan.

After lunch, we decided it was time we hit the high-end and luxury stores. We headed out to via Monte Napoleone. We stopped by at LV. Again the place was swarming with asian tourists. My sister had been eyeing a speedy in damier ebene, so we decided to buy her one. Because it was raining, our shopping bag was carefully enclosed in its own little plastic cover. It was like a little raincoat for the shopping bag. I found that quite funny.

Walking down the street, we saw lots of Hermès toting women. There was every designer brand name imaginable and the huge window displays were filled with the latest season’s collection. Brandon wanted to stop by at Ermenegildo Zegna so we went by there. We were surprised to learn the cost of a bespoke suit from Zegna in Milan is the same price as a ready to wear suit from Zegna here in Melbourne. We vowed to come back for that on a return trip. In the meantime, hubby bought a ready to wear suit and a tie clip.

Our next stop was Bruno Magli but along the way we stopped by at D Magazine. This is a store that is a clearance outlet for big designer brands and we were not disappointed. Brandon picked up some D&G ties dirt cheap but I couldn’t find anything in my size. He also found this amazing Gucci jacket for half the normal price but alas it was one size too large. We finally got to Bruno Magli and Brandon bought himself a belt there.

Heading back to the hotel, we decided to stop at Il Rinascente, the local department store. Everything was on sale and Brandon picked up some great bargains from Hugo Boss. Along the way, we saw so many shops that had massive Saldi signs up. However, I knew we were almost at our limit with our luggage weight and so we restricted ourselves to buys that were too good to be true.

Walking down the street, a lineup of gleaming sports cars caught hubby’s eye. It was a car rental place that was renting out sport cars for a supervised drive around the city. It was 100 euro for a lap with a 1000 euro deposit. Hubby’s eyes lit up when he saw a Lamborghini. That was his dream car. We were orginally going to hire that as our wedding car but it fell through as the car hire company went broke, and we almost lost money because they charged our credit card a ridiculous amount more than 8 months before the day we were going to pick up the car. But that is another story…

Hubby's dream car

Lamborghini Murcielago - Hubby's dream car.

I told Brandon to take it for a spin. However, he gave the excuse that he wanted to drive it on a track, not on the streets. (I think he regrets not doing it now) We saw a guy, probably in his late teens, with his parents, drooling at the sight of a Ferrari. The guy probably thought he had died and gone to heaven when his parents agreed to hire the car for him. We saw him get into the car, looking like he had just won the lottery. Mum and dad got the camera out and started clicking away like crazy. He started the engine, and drove down the street. That must have been the highlight of his trip.

It was way past dinner time when we decided we’d done enough shopping for the day. It was closing time for most restaurants when we started hunting for a place to eat, so dinner was a couple of burgers and fries at Burger King. We got back to our hotel close to midnight, our arms filled with shopping bags. Before we could head to bed though, we had to pack our bags. There was a lot of packing and repacking before we finally fit everything in. In hindsight, I think we should have gone to Milan first, with an empty suitcase, and done the trip in the reverse direction. The sales were so crazy in Milan and the prices were unbelievable.

This girl definitely loves to shop

Our accumulated shopping throughout our trip - This girl definitely loves to shop. In my defence, they're not all mine. Lucky for me, hubby likes shopping as much as I do.