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We arrived early morning in Singapore. We were travelling with SIA and it was a bad flight from Melbourne. It was unusual as we have always travelled well on SIA flights. But this time we hardly slept and felt like crap. Because it was so early in the morning, we had nowhere to go and nothing to do. We tried to get a room at the Transit Hotel but were told it would be 9am before they would have a room available for us. We were totally bummed out and decided to have a nap in one of the many deserted corridors in the airport. It was very backpacking-like. We stowed our luggage at the ‘Left Luggage’ service and basically laid down on the floor and had a nap. It was not a very restful nap as the loudspeaker kept going off above our heads with endless announcements. What a great start to our trip…

Eventually we decided we weren’t going to get any proper sleep, and decided to have a shower instead. So we headed back to the transit lounge. The shower facilities at the transit lounge weren’t too bad, but we were both paranoid about catching some nasty fungal infection off the floor as we did not think to bring thongs with us for use in the shower.

After the refreshing shower, which succeeded in giving the both of us a fresh burst of energy, we headed off to get some food. We found this great Japanese place in Terminal 3 that had the most yummy scallop ramen. After that, we decided it was time to head out.

Our choice for our day out in Singapore was the new Marina Bay Sands shopping centre. We had both never been there before but thought it would be a good place to spend the day. Also, we had lunch reservations at DB Bistro Moderne. My sister told me that I had to try the food at Daniel Boulud’s new restaurant as she tried to get in the last time she was there and it was booked out. Marina Bay Sands was a huge disappointment. The shops were nothing to write home about, just your usual designer brands. Nothing much was on sale, even though we were supposed to be right in the middle of The Great Singapore Sale. Lunch at DB was OK. I had one of his signature burgers. While the flavours were good, it wasn’t as good as a 2 hat restaurant here in Melbourne, and at SGD160, we thought it was a bit rich for lunch.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

There was however a wine store next to the restaurant. We went into their cold room, to see their collection of expensive wines, and were very surprised at the prices of some of their French wines. They were about half the normal price here in Australia. But then we also saw some Domaine Romanée-Conti stored with the bottle standing up. That was sacrilegious!!! When we saw the prices of their Château Lafitte, we were tempted to purchase a couple of bottles on our way back, but when we saw how they had some of their bottles standing up, we had second thoughts.After lunch, we were struggling to find something to do to while away the time. I called an old high-school friend of mine, Yuh Fong to organize to meet us for dinner (she was going to take us out for Singapore Crab) but she wasn’t free till 6pm. So we wandered up and down the shopping centre, bored out of our minds, and finding nothing to buy. In retrospect, we probably would have been better off heading out to Orchard Road instead. Anyway, Yuh Fong and Jason came by to pick us up for dinner and they took us to the ‘No Name Restaurant’ (hilarious!) for crab. It was great to catch up as we haven’t really had a time to catch up for a couple of years now. The crab was delicious and Brandon really liked it. After dinner, they dropped us off at the airport. We had another shower at the Transit Lounge before boarding our night flight to Paris.